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Equal Pay Coalition NYC
EPCNYC is a consortium of civic organizations, advocates and experts working together for Pay Equity in NY. Spearheaded by NYWA, activities include Equal Pay Day, forums, efforts to change policy in NYC and NYS.

Breaking the Silence to End Domestic Violence
This bold initiative aims to provide resources to employers to help implement workplace policies addressing the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence is affecting the American business bottom line by over $3 million a year through lateness, lower productivity, preoccupation and absenteeism, due to injury, anxiety, or tension at home.

New York Reads and Sees Together
This is the first city-wide book discussion project designed to foster literacy, encourage reading and build communications within families, communities and generations. Participants include selected schools and Senior Citizen Centers. Leveraging the diversity of our membership and part successes, we encourage inter-generational and multicultural discussions among New Yorkers.
Contact: Sandra Eberhard

Economic Empowerment
The Economic Empowerment Agenda strives to help girls and women achieve long-term financial independence. The agenda acts as a resource for educational opportunities enabling them to stay on top of their financial status. An annual Financial Literacy Guide is produced and available on the NYWA website to give readers a listing of Internet resources, literature (magazine and books) and financial literacy courses and seminars held throughout NYC. Certification for women business owners to gain access to government/private corporate procurement opportunities is another aspect of our educational action focus. And, working with the Government Relations Committee. Other economic security issues are addressed such as pay equity, opportunities for women to participate on paid boards, domestic violence in the workplace, etc.
Contact: Nancy Ploeger

NYU/NYWA Certificate Program in Strategic Business Leadership
This new leadership certificate program was designed by NYU with the help of NYWA leaders and former Stars for mid to senior level professional women looking to improve their leadership skills and organizational effectiveness. This program focuses on developing potential and growing skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive business environment by allowing students to take on a real organization as a client, exploring its business issues and applying the skills and techniques learned through the program.
Contact: Stephanie G. Bonadio


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