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ACTION ALERT: from Deomstic Violence Committee

Action Alert - Domestic Violence Awareness Month & the Women's Equality Agenda

NYSCADV Action Alert

October 22, 2013



Every October, domestic violence advocates across the nation increase their efforts to bring awareness about domestic violence to their communities.  However, one thing that is different this year is that the Women's Equality Agenda has yet to become law. 


The Women's Equality Agenda matters to victims of domestic violence because it addresses issues that are essential to their independence from their abusers.


Empowerment is the process through which individuals gain control over their lives and the Women's Equality Agenda promotes this.  Lack of access to economic resources forces victims of domestic violence to be more dependent on their abusers, enhancing the power and control that abusers already have.  WEA promotes economic justice for women by strengthening laws that prevent practices that push women out of the workforce, deny them access to safe and affordable housing, create barriers to legal protection, and holds the people who discriminate against, exploit or abuse women accountable for their actions.


Promoting women's equality is necessary

to preventing domestic violence.


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) recognizes that "violence against women is inextricably linked to gender-based inequalities."  Ending gender disparity is a critical part of ultimately preventing domestic violence.  Viewed in the social aggregate through myriad lenses, men and women have unequal power. Income disparities, occupational segregation, disproportionate representation in public and private sector leadership positions, disparate legal status, traditional and popular culture objectification of women, and more, exemplify the unequal status and valuing of men and women. These systemic and social constructs of male power are mirrored by social constructions of masculinity that emphasize power and maintaining control, especially in relation to the "objectified other." This diminishment of women invariably leads to violence and other forms of abuse.


The Women's Equality Agenda is not YET law.


There is still a chance to secure laws for women's equality this year, but if legislators don't act by December 31st, the ten million women of New York will lose.


 Make laws as Strong as New York Women!


Action Alert!


We ask that you contact your legislators as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and tell them that the Women's Equality Agenda must become law. THIS YEAR! 


Call or email your legislators and tell them that:




October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

As a member of an organization committed to Women's Equality and Ending Domestic Violence, I am reaching out to let you know that I am disappointed that the Women's Equality Agenda, and the important domestic violence provisions which are part of it,  have not become law.


I am asking that you put politics aside and work with your colleagues to secure a WOMEN'S EQUALITY AGENDA this year and protect victims of domestic violence and the Women of New York State. 


Click here for NYS Senator's contact information.

Click here for NYS Assembly Member's contact information.



Reference mentioned above:

UNFPA.(n.d.) gender inequality: ending widespread violence against women.  Retrieved from http://www.unfpa.org/gender/violence.htm on April 7, 2013.


Warmest Regards


http://visitor.constantcontact.com/do?p=un&m=001i-ZNbDtjK27lnm5gbSfyFw==&ch=2c76d2d0-2064-11e3-ad52-d4ae529a863c&ca=0c88eaf2-454d-4ce2-8c94-235583fbd764 http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp?cc=news08
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