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Women's Day of Action
April 23rd in Albany.   I'd like to share a few
updates with you:

*       We've launched an online petition, which
you can find 
Please urge
your New York State Assembly members to vote NO against the  cage
bill, which would legalize cage fighting in your state.   Once you
your information, an email will be sent directly to a  majority
of State
Assembly members.

*       A flyer with details about cage
fighting and the event in  Albany
is attached-please feel free to share with
and distribute to  allies.

*         We've chartered two buses  that will
transport supporters from
Manhattan to Albany and back, at no  cost.  If you
or others would like to
reserve a seat on the bus,  please contact me via
email or via phone at

*   In addition to New York
chapters of NOW gathering  together to
support the Women's Equality Act, the
New York State Coalition  Against
Sexual Assault and organizations behind No
Condoms as Evidence will  also
be in Albany on April 23rd.  By coming to
Albany, you can also  show
support for our sister organizations and their
important causes.
We  hope you can make it to our event on April 23rd-please
feel free to
contact  me if you have any questions.  My number is

In  solidarity,
Jen Suh

From: Jen Suh
Monday, April 08, 2013  8:34 AM
To: 'dv@newyorkwomensagenda.org'
NY Women's Day of  Action on Apr. 23 in Albany, NY

Dear New York Women's 

I'd like to invite you to an incredibly exciting day of action 
for New
York women.  On Tuesday, April 23rd in Albany, Unite Here and 
Organization for Women (NOW)-NYS will be reaching out to 
legislators in
Albany on three major issues:
(1) Women's Equality 
(2) Childcare
(3) Opposing legislation that would overturn the ban  on
barbaric cage
fighting events in New York (Assembly Bill  3405)

let us know if you would be interested in calling on  Assembly
members to
vote NO on a bill that would lift a 15-year old ban  on
professional cage
fighting in the state.  We will be meeting  with
legislators from 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. in Albany.  We are chartering  a
bus that will leave from
New York City (exact location TBD) at  6:30 a.m.
on Tuesday, April

Here is some background: In cage  fighting, cage fighters enter
into steel
cages and are allowed to knock  each other unconscious through
kicks and knees to the head, and to  strangle each other to the point
passing out through choke holds.   Four cage fighters from the
States are reported to have died from  injuries sustained during
professional cage fights.  It's a  spectacle that celebrates
violence and
perverse forms of  hypermasculinity.

In addition to
celebrating violence, cage fighting  organizations have
continued to allow
fighters to fight in the ring even  after they have
pleaded guilty to
domestic abuse, made rape jokes in  public, or made
misogynistic and
derogatory comments about  women.

One of the worst examples of what one
cage fighting organization  has
tolerated is a video that was put out by a
very well-known fighter  named
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.  The video is
essentially a satirical  "how to"
rape video, in which Jackson pretends to
attempt to rape a woman  in a
parking garage, advising viewers to buy
chloroform, zip ties. At one
as he's stalking his victim, says "I
hope she's got low  self-esteem."
Despite this, Jackson was allowed to
compete on national  television in
January.  (Here is a link to the
disturbing  video:

examples of  what fighters have tweeted include "Rape is the new
"If a rape  van was called a surprise van, more women
mind going
for rides in  them," "Man, that bitch is so tough she uses a
wooden dildo
because she  likes the splinters," and "Condoms are for
pussies."  A fighter
who  made one of these comments has more than 300,000
followers on  Twitter. 
These are only a few examples of misogyny that the
UFC has  tolerated from
its fighters.  Attached is a longer list  of
examples.  Personally, I find
these comments incredibly  disturbing.

The bill to legalize cage fighting
has already passed the  Senate, and
could likely come to a vote in the
Assembly before the end of  the
We want to call on Assembly
members to vote no to this bill  because NEW
Governor Cuomo is promoting a women's  equality
agenda, it would be wrong to
legalize cage fighting and the  culture of
violence and misogyny it

Join us on April  23rd to lobby the Assembly!  If you'd like
to reserve a
seat, you can  call me at 702-386-5167 or email me 
jsuh@culinaryunion226.org<mailto:jsuh@culinaryunion226.org> to 
reserve a
seat.  If you know of other individuals or organizations  that may
interested in joining us, feel free to extend this invitation  to
Lastly, if you won't be able to join us on April 23rd but would  like
join us in this effort in other ways, please let me 

Jen  Suh

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