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If You've Been a Victim of Crime, Know Your Rights - & - Electronic Pickpocketing: How to Protect Against It - & - Pepper Spray: Making Men Cry for Years


Hosted by Susan Bartelstone, Crime Prevention Specialist

Air Date: 4/06/11 @ 8pm eastern - VoiceAmerica.com talk radio network

To Listen: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/53030/if-youve-been-a-victim-of...

Also available as a podcast on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/CP101itunes  


Crime Victims Have Rights…One Listener's Story.  An email from a listener prompted the main topic for this week's show.  It told how knowing your rights if you're a crime victim saved one man more than $100,000 in medical bills.  Since April 10-16 is Crime Victims' Rights Week, I knew I had to have her on the show, so tonight I'm speaking with Forensic Nurse Bridget Maybury about how she helped her brother navigate the NYS Victim Compensation Program And, listen good, because all 50 states have similar programs!


State Victim Compensation Programs.  Then, I talk with Tina Stanford, Director of the NYS Office of Victim Services, the state department that oversees crime victim services.  We'll be speaking about how the New York State victim compensation program operates, what your rights are if you're a crime victim and what you're entitled to receive compensation for.  Use this information to get an idea of what your own state might offer.


Electronic Pickpocketing.  Next I talk with Identity Theft Prevention Specialist Paige Pederson, from LifeLock, about the new wrinkle in ID fraud--electronic pickpocketing.  Now, an electronically-savvy thief only has to pass next to you to steal your credit card numbers!  We're going to speak about that this is and how to protect yourself from it.


Pepper Spray:  Making Men Cry for Years.  And, last up, find out how pepper spray, an extremely effective personal safety product, really does help deter crime!  I'm speaking with Aimee Johnson from SaberRed, one of the best brands out there.  Special Note:  Buy the Pink Pepper Spray and a portion of the purchase price is donated to breast cancer research.

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