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Works By Women: Support Theatrical Work Written, Directed and/or Designed By Women!

WORKS BY WOMEN is an informal/ad hoc group of friends, colleagues, and theatre professionals who go to the theatre whenever possible to see work written, directed and designed by women. Founded by Ludovica Villar Hauser in the fall of 2009, WORKS BY WOMEN was conceived as a call to action in response to 50/50 in 2020, a grassroots organization dedicated to achieving parity by the 100th anniversary of American suffrage.

Under 20% of plays produced on American stages are written or directed by women, and of those most are at the smaller theatres where remuneration is minimal. WORKS BY WOMEN is dedicated to redressing the situation by encouraging theatre-goers to choose to see plays by women, supporting their work and showing producers equity matters to their audiences.

Goal: to choose one day a week to see a production by a woman artist - have the initiative become a National/World Event to support the idea of Pay and Opportunity Parity for Women by 2020.

Vote with your dollars, time and choices!!!! When you go to the theatre-choose a production directed, written or designed by a woman.

There are currently two upcoming theatre productions supported by Works by Women. To learn more about theatre productions written, directed and designed by women visit the Works by Women Meetup page! To get up-to-date information on women in theatre, visit the Works by Women blog!

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